For Non-Musicians

  1. Open the app and touch everything you see and listen to your sounds.
  2. Point your phone up and down — from the sky to the ground — to make your sounds higher or lower.
  3. Try playing the green note on the bottom Keyboard, and everything but green on the top board (the Colorboard).
    • Scroll the Keyboard all the way to the left/bottom of its range by swiping from its edges, and scroll the Colorboard to the middle of its range (i.e., tenor range or where people sing) by holding your phone parallel to the ground.
    • Congratulations: You've learned to play jazz voicings that take pianists years to learn!
  4. Play with the other modes and sounds in the app. In the crazy top navigation, to the right in the middle is generally "forward." But don't be afraid to go backward or diagonally!
  5. Keep doing this until you sound good.
  6. Watch the people of the gender of your choosing swoon at your suave sounds.
  7. Look up some chords to songs you like and learn to play them in a way you like.
    • Note that this may not yet be possible for all songs as this app is still in alpha!
    • But hey, music is all about learning and exploring anyway.
  8. You are now a musician.

For Musicians

Get that tune out of your head on your commute. Whip your phone out to show some theory stuff in classes you teach or figure out new harmonies in your own work. Have fun!