About BeatScratch

BeatScratch is the insomnia-and/or-acid-induced nights and weekends musical software baby of Jon LatanĂ© GitHub LinkedIn Instagram, a full-stack software engineer based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. In real life he works on much more sensible and profitable projects for people that pay him and give him insurance. He also plays music; runs; hikes; lifts weights, himself, and (is also lifted by) other humans; climbs; breakdances and does lots of other things to varying degrees of success.


BeatScratch uses some icons and graphics requiring attribution, and some not. Some open-source components (whose licenses are carefully followed) and plenty of proprietary code. The following attributions for dope UI components are mandated by some Creative Commons license or another:

I am a sole owner/developer who is mediocre at icons and stuff. I paid people on Fiverr for things. They were damn good at their jobs. Here's who:

Flutter and other Dependencies

Significant Android, iOS, macOS and web dependencies used are outlined on the Platforms Page. Finally, here's a dump of my pubspec.yaml I'll update once in a while I guess:

  http: ^0.12.2
  protobuf: ^1.1.0
  unification: ^0.1.15
  uuid: ^2.0.4
  package_info_plus: ^0.6.3
  recase: ^3.0.0
  vibration: ^1.7.2
  share: ^0.6.5+4
  flutter_reorderable_list: ^0.1.5
  url_launcher: ^5.7.10
  implicitly_animated_reorderable_list: 0.3.2
  flutter_keyboard_visibility: ^2.0.0
  aeyrium_sensor: ^1.0.7
  sensors: '>=0.4.1+10 <2.0.0'
  dart_midi: 1.0.1
  quiver: ^2.1.3
  path_drawing: 0.4.1
  path_provider: ^1.6.24
  shared_preferences: ^0.5.12+4
  base_x: ^1.0.1
  archive: ^2.0.13
  font_awesome_flutter: ^8.11.0
  cupertino_icons: ^0.1.2
  fluro: "^1.6.3"
  flutter_appavailability: ^0.0.21
  native_device_orientation: ^0.4.3