Open Source

The GitHub organization maintaining BeatScratch's open-source components is Fully Luxury Automated Robot Music Fully Luxury Automated Robot Music.

For the most part the repos there exist only to be merged into their parent repos. However, BeatScratch's storage and sharing formats are open-sourced and MIT-licensed. Standalone repos you may want to hack on or use, and ideas for future open-source standalone repos, are listed below.

Repo License Description Status



A protobuf file only. All the code and docs you need to open *.beatscratch files and read Score URLs.




A Dart plugin that includes protobeats via Git submodule. Provides Dart implementations of File I/O, Score Link usage, the playback engine, and the FluidR3 GM SoundFont.

In Progress

Contribute: Create a PR that gets playback working on Android!

Contribute: How to distribute a repo that is larger than's limitations?

May exclude iOS/AudiotKit implementations