pocket instrument and staff paper


Unleash your
musical potential

BeatScratch is not yet another keyboard app. BeatScratch turns the phone in your pocket into an instrument that can be used to play any song you could want to play, and to make it sound good.

In fact it's eight instruments in one, all of which can play whatever you want on top of whatever chords you want, and each of which can be configured to sound like any one of 128 General MIDI instruments.

BeatScratch is built to be the only MIDI drum and backing track controller you'll ever need, with a UI that lets you compose your ideas on your phone faster than you'll be able to learn to play them on your instrument.

Play complex voicings the second you begin

Compose music intuitively and quickly

Use 128 General MIDI instruments

Designed for all (touch) screen shapes and sizes

  • (Future) MusicXML/MIDI Export: $1/month each